Senna Leaf Tea – Benefits, Side Effects & Reviews

As a kind of herbal medicine that is very helpful and is of need for people with breathing difficulties, senna is one of the common medicines for breathing. Breathing is very important and vital to us. We need oxygen in order to live. If we lack it we die. There are many reasons why we are short of breath however, senna is found to be a solution to most of the causes of breathing problems. It is a treatment for bowel movements thus senna leaf could be an aid that could eliminate toxins in our bodies.

Historical Background

Senna’s original uses also included reducing fevers, killing intestinal worms, alleviating indigestion, and treating ringworm and hemorrhoids. Northern African healers prescribed it to heal stomach pains. Occasionally, the leaves were made into a paste and applied to various skin diseases. Plant scientists have found that the effectiveness of senna as a laxative and bowel toxin cleanser is due primarily to molecules known as sennosides. These constituents have been shown to increase the functionality of the colon and thus remedy the cause of constipation. Remedical for Purgative, anthchiiintic, antipyretic, alterative, cathartic, laxative, vermifuge, diuretic, Senna is a powerful cathartic used in the treatment of constipation, working through a stimulation of intestinal peristalsis. It is vital to recognize, however, that the constipation is a result of something else and not the initial cause and that this has to be sought and dealt with.

Sennosides are actually a group of anthraquinone glycosides converted by colonic bacteria into a substance called rhein-anthrone. Rhein anthrones stimulate colonic activity and help to increase fluid secretion by the colon. The resultant peristaltic (wavelike contraction of alimentary canal walls) movement in the lower bowel signals the colon is functional again.

Senna has shown itself to be not only an effective laxative, but much less harsh on the intestinal region than most other laxatives.

What is Senna Leaf Tea?

The Cassia senna is a laxative herb from the leaves and pods of the senna shrub that grows in India, Pakistan, and China. Today, it is similarly used almost exclusively to treat constipation. Senna Leaf is used by people over the centuries. It has been known to help relieve constipation and it’s painful effects. It is just a small shrub found in North Africa and Arabia that helps in the long run. Since it is very beneficial to human kind, people had invented various ways of taking this herb for convenience. It could be taken as a tea, a capsule or a juice drink. It is also used as an ingredient in milk. It has lactose that makes it easy for kids to move their bowels with this. The more toxins are eliminated from the body the more we benefit from it. We have a clean stomach. It is best in cleaning the colon, and it is a form of detox for some. Senna extracts oil, resins, and tannins thus making it a cleansing agent therefore giving a fairer complexion to the user.

As we mentioned above, senna Leaf is very helpful to us to have our bowels frequently. Of course the more we loose our bowel and the more toxins are coming out of the body, the more we become sexier. To take senna the minimum intake of this should be about 20 to 60 milligrams of pure extract. If you are experiencing diarrhea though, it is recommended that you stop it for the time being until such time that you have your bowel movement at a regular pace already. In severe cases, it is said that senna could also cause vomiting and nausea for those who cannot be accustomed to the intake of it, although it is an aid to loosing weight it cannot be taken for more than ten days since studies shows that too much of it can also cause bleeding, rapid heart rate, sweating and dependency. If you feel cramps, dizziness, rectal bleeding and nausea stop the use at once. Most especially take extra precaution when lactating and pregnant. Seek medical consultation before use.

Health Benefits

Senna tea is a popular weight loss supplement and natural laxative. Made from the leaves and pods of the senna plant, the tea is available online and through many health food suppliers. While the FDA does not certify the herbal treatment, it is authorized for non-prescription use. Medical experts recommend this tea for relief of chronic constipation and other digestion issues. Should you have any personal questions about using this tea for weight loss or other benefits, consulting with your doctor will ensure safe preparation and reduce to risk of interactions with any medicines you might be taking.
The tea works by releasing glycosides into the intestines. These natural compounds help smoothen the intestinal wall, induce intestinal contractions and evacuate the bowels. Senna has been used as a laxative throughout the world for hundreds of years. Senna leaf tea is the most potent version of senna tea with tea being brewed using the pods of the plant offering a gentler alternative. Senna leaves are also the active ingredient in the laxative suppository Senokot. When using it as a treatment method, always make sure to drink extra water and monitor your bodily functions.

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